Fir Ouschteren huet Google e flotten Ouschter-gimmick eraus bruecht. Dir huet eng Lëscht vu verschidde Wieder déi dir direkt am Google antippe kennt a wou dann eppes spezielles geschitt. probéiert mol am google "Super Mario Bros" anzetippen an duerno op d' Këscht mam "?" ze klicken.

Hei eng Lëscht, vu Wikipedia, mat weidere gimmicks:

  • Searching "<blink>" or "blink html" includes samples of the blink element in the results.
  • Searching for "recursion" includes a "did you mean: recursion" link back to the same page.
  • Searching for "do a barrel roll" or "z or r twice" causes the result page to do a Star Fox-style barrel roll.
  • After searching for "askew" the results page is tilted, leaning down, left to right. This also works when "tilt" is searched.
  • Searching for "zerg rush" causes an army of Google O's to attack the search results, which can be defeated by clicking on them.
  • By doing a Google image search on "atari breakout", one can play "Image Breakout", using Google image results as bricks. After the game is won, another level will commence using a random search term.
  • Searching for "webdriver torso" turns the Google logo into the moving colored blocks.
  • Searching for "super mario bros" shows an info card for Super Mario Bros. Clicking on the flashing question mark generates a coin and 200 points. After 100 coins, the "1UP" sound plays.
  • Searching "google in 1998" will generate a layout similar to the one Google used for its search engine in 1998.
  • Searching "conway's game of life" generates a running configuration of the game to the right of the search results. The process can also be stopped and altered by the user.
  • Searching "anagram" asks "Did you mean: nag a ram?
  • Searching "festivus" shows an image of the Festivus pole beside the search results.
  • Searching for "bletchley park" shows the name of the attraction being decoded in the Knowledge Graph.

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